And we're off for a great airshow weekend in our very own Kleine Brogel, where we will perform both on Saturday and Sunday. The Dark Falcon is all cleaned up! 

We're excited to welcome you all and get to know you, so don't be a stranger and come and say hello to our team. The program of the show is really looking great, with lots of F-16's, but also visitors from many other countries, such as The Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, USA, Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Ukraine, Jordan, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Switzerland. Don't hesitate to ask for selfies with us, and if you like: to send us some  for our website! If you want to know more about the team, don't forget to visit our website (link) and visit our blog! Have great Belgian Air Force Days, you all !!!

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2018 Bart ROSSELLE

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